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Prime Mover or tractor head are the primary elements for today’s logistic industry for container haulage applications. Apart from the powerful engine behind the wheel, accessories on the prime mover is also another important component to extend its functionality and reliability.

Over here, we could customize various size of metal-build accessories along with readymade imported quality accessories according to individual needs.
  • Fire Safety Application (Fire extinguisher with box, wire mesh safety glass etc.)
  • Cabin-guard
  • Mudguard
  • Side Access Ladder
  • Utilities Toolbox

  • 初级搬运机或拖拉机头是当今物流行业集装箱运输应用的主要部分。除了强大引擎背后的车轮,配件的原动机也是另一个重要的组成部分,以扩大其功能和可靠性。在和興,我们可以根据个人需要定制各种尺寸的进口优质金属配件。

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