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With the continuous development of economy, standardization and integration of goods have become increasingly high. Curtainsiders, which are lightweight, fast, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, have become the new darlings of the transportation industry. It greatly saves handling time and shipping costs. The high quality PVC curtain sides work as the shelter to provide complete cargo protection to the loaded items from extreme external elements and sealed from harsh weather conditions. Its elastic wall effect is also shock resistant from the items during transit.

随着经济社会的持续发展,货物的标准化、集成化、越来越高。 轻便、快捷、节能、环保的侧帘运输车也成为运输行业的新宠。它极大地节约了装卸时间及运输成本。高质量的PVC幕帘能为装载的物品提供完整的货物保护,并在恶劣的天气环境下维持最佳状态。它的弹性墙壁在运输过程中也能抵抗物品的冲击。

Curtainersider container  rear door with container door lock system and rear bumper