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Paint Job

Our modern paint booth facility enables us to handle all makes and models of commercial vehicles’ custom paint job that are results of either wear and tear. We also provide colour-matching services to restore the body parts to its original colour as well as matching your new truck to your current fleet colours.

已有磨损或有撕裂的各种商业车类型, 和興的现代漆房设施都能够处理。除此以外,和興也提供颜色匹配服务,能将车身恢复成原始的颜色。并且,我们也能对色;将新卡车颜色协调至目前车队的颜色。

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Our on-site paint booths allow us to cater a variety of custom paint job for :
  • Light Truck
  • Lorry
  • Tractor Trailer
  • Bus
  • Coach
  • Construction equipment etc.

In order to provide you the finest quality of paintwork, only quality paint will be used and qualified industrial-trained personnel will be selected for the job.