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Open Cargo truck body is the simplest yet durable cargo solution for most of the industries. The open cargo space provides generous storage and hauling room for all your goods in the most demanding working conditions. Easy latching mechanism allows you to load and unload easily yet provide greater protection. Various sizes of the truck body can be customised with add-on accessories to suit individual needs.

对于大多数行业来说,开放式货运卡车是最简单但耐用的货运解决方案。而在最苛刻的工作条件下,开放式的货物空间能提供宽敞的仓储和搬运空间。简易锁存机构也允许您轻松地加载和卸载,此外提供更大的保护。不管卡车的大小,我们都能根据个人需求定制附加配件, 以适应您的业务需求。

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