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About Us

Hoe Heng Pte Ltd - Integrated Truck Solutions established since 1979.

With 40 years of truck retrofitting and engineering experiences, Hoe Heng is committed to provide innovative and quality total solutions to cater to all our customers’ needs under one roof.

Having obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification, Hoe Heng has constantly strived to improve its quality products, solutions and services to exceed customers’ satisfaction.

Spanning 84,000 sq ft of work area and a team of dedicated specialists, our best testimonial is customers’ satisfaction towards our quality.

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Open cargo
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Cargo Box
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Ready made body f8238c5174a67c6841c8ce2a736b8b1b71af52d587177ae1b49fd4905016ae70
Ready-Made Body
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Prime Mover
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Tipper 124f3e3c41cd148caf2dcf072619178807ef46f3a578b03df0502e6b541aa646