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Auto Graphic Design

Auto graphic has become a popular means for companies to communicate and create awareness amongst the public due to its mobility and unlimited exposure. It helps the company to save on other print media advertisement while providing similar impact in the market. In Hoe Heng, we do more than just simple vehicle wrapping service; we provide integrated service from developing concept to producing creative artwork according to your specific business needs.

平面设计已成为公司沟通的一种流行趋势。由于这流动性的宣传方式带来无限曝光率, 在此可以大大地增强知名度。它有助于公司节省其他平面媒体广告,并同时在市场上产生类似的影响。在和興,我们不仅仅提供基本的车辆包装服务;我们也根据您的具体业务需求提供从开发概念到生产的一站式服务。