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The demand for aluminum canopy has gradually increased since the enforcement of safety regulations by Land Transport Authority (LTA). Light lorries that transport workers have to be fitted with a canopy and higher side railings to ensure the safety of passengers. Canopy of different height and length can be further customized according to customers.

自从陆路交通管理局(LTA)对轻型货车实施安全规定以来,铝篷的需求量逐渐增加。轻型货车将安装铝篷与高边栏杆以确保乘客的安全 。而关于定制服务,我们可以根据客户要求建造不同长度和高度的铝篷。

High roof full length retractable canopy on aluminium body with roll down canvas  galvanished hinges and side guard