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Product improvements
Product Improvements
26 Oct 2017
Having gathered feedback from customers and in line with our in-house quality mission, Hoe Heng is pleased to announce several improvements to our products such as galvanizing of parts, using nylon lock-nuts, aluminium alloy dropsides, etc.
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Hoe Heng Accepts NETS Payment
26 Oct 2017
Good News! With effect from 1st September 2016, Hoe Heng will accept NETS payment.
Fire drill
In-house Fire Drill
26 Oct 2017
Hoe Heng conducted a full-scale in-house fire drill in a joint exercise with the participation and support from SCDF on 15th July 2016.
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Hoe Heng Group welcomes you with our new look!
26 Oct 2017
A journey so far, Hoe Heng had been through numerous transformations over the last 37 years. This year, you will expect a more professional look and feel from us.
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New Security Initiatives @ Hoe Heng
26 Oct 2017
The Hoe Heng Group is committed to continually deliver a safe and secure facility for you and us. While we strive to provide productive and quality products and services to you, our new security sets in to provide you with peace of mind as well.