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Lunar New Year Message
05 Feb 2016

Reflecting 2015

To better service our customers, Hoe Heng had always strived to provide quality to our customers in our ONE-STOP facility. To exceed expectation, we had also provided value-added services.

The industry had reached its maximum capacity in managing the demand with the introduction of the government’s initiative for Early Turnover Scheme (ETS).

To our Valued Customers, we know that you are also under strenuous pressure having to cope with the ever-pressing demand as well as the supply limitation and delays.

To Hoe Heng, this initiative had brought not only great opportunities but great challenges as well. The entire industry was under tremendous stress trying to catch up to this demand.

While we strived to meet the timelines during this stressful period, Hoe Heng had also reached a stage that we required a re-organization, so that we could bring the business to a new level. This took place in second-half of 2015 and is still ongoing. We did a lot of knowledge transfer and we re-organised our resources to the best interest of the business. You would have encountered some new faces by now.

With the increased demand, the lead time to complete an order had grown multiple folds especially in 2015. We had built many good friends and business relationships. During this critical period, the company had also incurred opportunity costs. Regretfully, there had been misunderstandings, unhappiness and disagreements which resulted in us losing some valuable customers.

Our Promises

In this New Year ahead, I assure you that Hoe Heng Pte Ltd will continue to:

1.     Be a humble company you enjoyed working with all these while, providing you with the personal touch you used to enjoy.

2.     Produce our quality products at reasonable prices.

3.     Provide our ONE-STOP Truck Retrofitting Centre under One Roof

There had been challenging moments for Hoe Heng and we know you had been there for us. Your presence and support had made great significance to the growth of Hoe Heng. 2016 is a brand new year and I hope you can write-off any unhappiness you had in the past and let us move forward together and collaborate for our mutual benefits ahead. We seek your patience and support while we improve.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your significant support thus far.

We look forward to working with you in 2016 and contributing to your success. May the Year of Monkey be a wonderful new year filled with abundant joy and treasured moments for you and your loved ones!